Software as a Service

As applications become the lifeblood of business success, the delivery of applications becomes increasingly critical. Downtime directly impacts brand, revenue, and overall business operations and performance.

Top of mind issues are no longer about remote users, but about how to make the application available anywhere and at any time; while maintaining security.

Software for workstationsFor Premier software Vendors applications such as IBM – Lotus Notes, Microsoft – Ms office suite/Ms. Project/Ms. Sql etc.., Oracle applications, SAP applications, Frx for accounting & manufacturing applications. All for End users applications to be hosted and expect availability and security backed by SLAs, to be part of the package.

Pegmatech as a premier software vendors understand our customer’s needs and we deliver products and services satisfactorily.

Pegmatech can help.

  • Offload hosting worries. Get turn-key access to the very best technology, personnel and facilities. Know that Pegmatech experts monitor, maintain, and optimize every aspect of your hosted environment. We do it all for you.
  • Never worry about downtime. Pegmatech Managed IT Services data centers are guaranteed to be available 100% of the time, which includes the facility itself, power and air conditioning, and security.
  • Help ensure data security. Host in facilities with fully redundant systems and resources. The most demanding IT customers, including the world’s largest financial institutions rely on them. And now you can have yet another level of security around your critical information with Restoration Services for Managed IT Services.
  • Control costs. There’s no need to build a hosting infrastructure from scratch and invest in maintenance. Take advantage of a firm level of performance at a firm price — with no surprises.

Focus in-house staff on growth. Outsourcing your Software-as-a-Service infrastructure with Pegmatech gives you the flexibility to focus internal staff on exploiting business critical growth opportunities.

More IT control. Less complexity. Lower costs.

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