Messaging & Collaboration

Email down? Lost? Important messages buried in spam? Not on our watch.

Almost nothing makes employees inundate the help desk faster than when their email doesn’t work.  Few things frustrate a customer more than having a message bounce back as “undeliverable.” When email goes down, much of business communication stops. And people get impatient, even angry.

messaging & email servicesCan you blame them? Their reliance (and yours) on email is nearly overwhelming. So, it’s more important than ever to do more to assure efficient, secure, uninterrupted messaging service. With greater redundancy and recovery capabilities. Better intrusion protection and spam filtering. Better monitoring and management. More archiving capabilities. And total readiness in case of a catastrophic event.

When it comes to messaging, there’s no alternative to total availability.

Pegmatech Messaging and Collaboration Services are engineered to provide total assurance for your essential electronic communications. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that help you optimize messaging system performance, minimize risks, and help you, your employees, and your business succeed.

Whether you’re handling messaging for one location, or for a worldwide network, look to Pegmatech to provide maximum availability, 24/7 expert service, and a full range of capabilities to handle any messaging systems need you may have.

The big benefit: improving performance and security, while reducing risks and costs.
Here’s what Pegmatech delivers:

  1. Improved messaging system efficiency and reliability. Superior infrastructure and staff to deliver worry-free, optimum performance all the time.
  2. Lowered vulnerability and security risks. The best security protocols available protect against viruses and attacks, providing a safer, more reliable environment for employees, customers, and other end-users.
  3. Reduced demand on internal resources. Hiring dedicated staff to manage your messaging systems is unnecessary. Refocus your internal staff on growth opportunities.
  4. Global Network and Expertise. Pegmatech’s global IT infrastructure is backed by the industry’s most skilled IT specialists.

How Pegmatech Messaging and Collaboration Services Work

Managed Exchange Services: Pegmatech Managed Exchange Services provide proactive administration, management, monitoring, reporting, and support for Microsoft® Exchange environments. This solution supports Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007 and includes Operating System Management Advanced or Enterprise Services and Advanced Monitoring Services. The service can be delivered at our datacenters or remotely at your in-house facilities.

Hosted Exchange Service: Pegmatech’s Hosted Exchange Service provides customers with a reliable platform of Microsoft® Exchange, comprehensive security for incoming and outgoing mail messages and various options for mailbox size. It is a complete 24/7 solution that helps you meet security, reliability and compliance requirements. A web-based user interface is available for customers to manage, change existing mailboxes or create new mailboxes.

Email Availability Service: No matter what may happen to your physical facilities, data centers, servers, software, or network connectivity, Pegmatech’s Email Availability Service (EAS) helps ensure that your email will always be up and running. EAS is a high-reliability, email continuity service that provides an on-demand, easy-to-administer safety net that assures uninterrupted communication between customers, suppliers and employees.

Managed Email Archiving Service: Pegmatech’s Managed Email Archiving Services provides a managed service that stores email offsite based on specific retention policies. It archives messages in compliance with regulatory requirements, and facilitates rapid access to email, helping companies ensure continuity and recovery while improving the performance of production email systems for legal purposes. It delivers full outage protection, with an archive that’s always available, even when corporate email is down.
Email Protection Service (EPS): EPS protects your email system with automated filter updates, user administration, and directory synchronization to maximize effectiveness and minimize administration requirements. The Pegmatech EPS engine inspects 300,000+ email attributes (superior to simple statistical techniques such as Bayesian filters). Our intelligent integration lets us block false addresses at the perimeter. A daily quarantine log gives end users the capability to view quarantined emails.

Premium Notification Service: Pegmatech’s Premium Notification Service is one of the most powerful crisis management and communication tools available today. Unlike manual call-trees, Premium Notification Service provides your firm’s senior management with the ability to handle important employee communication during an IT outage or physical disaster—when traditional lines of communication may fail. It may also be useful for sending out important company-wide announcements or for managing calling lists.

By employing designated email, voice communication, text messaging and paging resources, BlackBerry® devices, and other communication channels, Premium Notification Service provides a quick and automated method to find people, deliver messages, and gather information in real time.

When you look at how important email is to your organization, invite a Pegmatech representative to discuss protecting your critical messaging. Or call, 1.302.832.2307 .