Consulting Services

True Information Availability is built on an objective, all-inclusive strategy that helps keep information and people connected.

Having the time to plan has become a luxury in many organizations. You’ve got a lot to do keeping up with everyday “get-it-done-now” business priorities. Longer term planning can often be delayed by this crush of urgent tasks. The result can be a lot of missed deadlines, often accompanied by financial inefficiencies.

Why Pegmatech Consulting Services?

internetA Single Source Solution: Our cost-effective solutions are end-to-end—from needs-assessment and design, to implementation and maintenence. With this holistic approach, you get tailored, unbiased solutions that combine integrated production and recovery solutions to improve IT operations and help uncover new opportunities.

Best people and tools: Our consultants have all the credentials needed to deliver excellence in highly specialized areas, ranging from Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) qualifications, to certificates of competency with solutions such as VMware®.

Broad and deep experience: Our consultants work over 250,000 hours annually. Pegmatech has written more than 100,000 action plans, and we’re still counting. Our Information Security team also conducts hundreds of penetration tests and vulnerability assessments using our proprietary tools and processes. We have helped countless customers consolidate and move data centers as well as guided many through assessing and leveraging the benefits of Virtualization for their business.

Whether your concern is availability, security, compliance or increasing IT efficiency within your organization, Pegmatech’s center of excellence combines effective counsel locally with ready access to a cross-pollination of ideas and best practices spanning organizations, industries, and specific IT challenges.

Our consultants bring broad experience and deep expertise to the following areas:

§1 Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

§2 Storage Optimization Consulting

Pegmatech’s Storage Optimization Consulting services are focused on increasing your IT organization’s efficiency, while helping to reduce costs.

Through a unique resiliency and availability perspective, our experts help you improve operational efficiency through a five-step program that pinpoints and optimizes actual storage capacity, allocation and use:

Our program begins with a Usage and Capacity Assessment that examines how your storage resources are used today. This step also evaluates your capacity to recover the stored data in the face of an emergency.

The second stage of the process includes a Classification Assessment, helping your IT organization tier the data effectively. This exercise will ensure that operational activities such as backup can fully support your critical information management and recovery priorities.

Following the Classification Assessment, Pegmatech storage experts examine your Performance Architecture, placing special emphasis on the security of your data – protecting it from the numerous threats that can disrupt IT environments today.

Keeping your data architecture performing optimally is the underlying goal of the Archiving and Compliance program. Logically connected, compliance standards call for a lifecycle approach to protecting your data, and performance can only be optimized when archived data is managed on the right technology, providing access when needed and cost efficiency every day.

Finally, once an optimized storage architecture and operational procedures have been put in place, Pegmatech Consulting experts conduct periodic Process Audits, helping you to ensure that achieved efficiencies are being maintained as your business grows.

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