Replication Services

Is the cost of downtime simply unacceptable to your organization?

Downtime cripples the flow of information. And it’s not just information. It’s transactions, checks processed, inventory status, sales pipelines, compliance records, customer communications – in sum, the critical lifeline of actionable and meaningful data that you must keep safe and available. So safe and available, that when there’s an outage, you are back up and running pronto. 

datacenter server roomWhen critical data are safe and available, you meet your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and you worry far less.
Pegmatech Replication Services provide a high availability solution that helps you reduce your recovery timeframe while you improve information integrity and reliability. And it fits neatly within a budget.

Why choose Pegmatech? Because of our considerable investment in IT resources, combining leading technologies and a world-class infrastructure with demonstrated expertise. We bring them together in a way that protects essential data and applications enterprise-wide.

Whether you need application availability for your critical Windows® applications or continuity and system availability for enterprise systems, our Server Replication Services and Storage Replication Services provide flexible options to best fit your needs.  They help:

  1. Ensure data and application availability for your employees, customers, and partners
  2. Minimize data loss
  3. Mitigate the risk of non-compliance
  4. Speed up recovery and testing
  5. Reduce your total cost of ownership

Server Replication Services
Keeping mission-critical data safe. For organizations with important applications that need to be up and running all the time, Server Replication is the ticket. It’s a complete package that includes activation, management, monitoring, and problem-resolution. The Service supports data replication and recovery for Microsoft® Windows® servers. Plus, it covers failover/failback management for key servers.

Virtual Server Replication
Enjoy SLA-backed Recovery Time Objectives for your Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications.

Pegmatech’s Virtual Server Replication services combine virtualization technology, best-in-class recovery capability, and managed production services to deliver:

  1. Sub-six hour SLA: The only DR solution with contractually guaranteed service level agreement (SLA)
  2. A fully managed solution: Recovery-as-a-Service
  3. Off-site redundancy: Replication of data to off-site location increases reliability of solution; and
  4. Cost-effectiveness: 30-50% less expensive than physical server replication

Storage Replication Services
Pegmatech’s solution integrates real-time or near real-time data replication of your critical data with our skilled management and support services. Pegmatech uses popular array-based replication software and time-tested recovery best practices. Pegmatech hosts your storage and connects it to our advanced hot site systems.

Pegmatech’s Managed Services Portal is available to all Managed Services customers. This web-based portal gives you always-available access to important data such as infrastructure performance, change activity, account information, and more.

As a part of a total Information Availability strategy, AdvancedHostingSM Replication Services work to keep your people connected to the information they need, when they need it. To determine the efficiency and cost of ownership of your hosting environment, fill out this Pegmatech Information Availability Finder.