IT Security Enterprise Assessment

Tightening up security, organization-wide.

These days, organizations can’t afford to short-change security planning. That’s why Pegmatech’s IT Security Enterprise Assessment is crucial. Our goal is to review your security plan to detect gaps between your current environment and best practices.

Using ISO 27002 standards, our consultants will benchmark your existing program, then examine management, administrative, technical and regulatory issues as they relate to your security.

This step is followed by a review of your current security environment, including its vulnerabilities. Last, our consulting team, all Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), will deliver a detailed report that includes steps for improving security across the enterprise.

Our goals for your organization include:

  • A decreased exposure to risk enterprise-wide
  • An enhanced organizational security
  • Improved compliance with regulations for third-party security evaluation
  • Adherence to best practices

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