Data Center and IT Consulting

Your data center environment follows your business and leads your growth.

Server room in datacenterAs your critical applications and systems grow, so does your dependence on reliable infrastructure. Pegmatech’s Data Center Services leverages our experience in moving systems – thousands of systems – both within a single data center, and across the country. It also incorporates our insight and experience with Virtualization technology and when it can benefit organizations most.

Few projects within the IT organization have the visibility that a data center move or technology replacement garners. The investments an organization makes need to be protected with the assurance that from start to finish, the details have been examined, documented, and executed with precision.

Our experts design detailed plans that reflect our vendor-neutral approach to technology, and help you choose a path that can meet your needs into the future.

Pegmatech offers numerous additional customized services, supporting data center moves and technology evaluations:

Data Center Consolidation:
Our consultants identify critical business functions and interdependencies, develop risk-mitigation recommendations, and then design high-availability strategies to support your project. And we provide technical and project management support every step of the way.

Virtualization Assessment:
In addition to planning and implementing virtualization technology, we’ll help you build a business case for consolidating servers and other devices to a virtual infrastructure. At the same time, we ensure your organization’s critical business processing capabilities are available and recoverable.

Virtualization Strategy Design:
Planning and building a virtualized IT environment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We offer a server-by-serer action plan, recommend virtualization solutions, and project cost, space and energy savings—all aligned with your availability objectives.

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