Managed Services

AdvancedHostingSM – Let Pegmatech Help You Manage Your IT Infrastructure.

You need more than an extra pair of hands; you need IT infrastructure that works for you. Managing your company’s mission-critical IT infrastructure poses a long list of challenges.

Multiple websites, databases, enterprise email, network applications service updates, monitoring, reporting, and more . . . You also need peak performance, 24/7 support, and solutions expertise. It may sound counter-intuitive, but managing it all can prevent you from running your business.

networking & managed servicesTo stay on top of your production environment, you need a seamless, single point of contact solution.

Advanced Hosting from Pegmatech Availability Services delivers a full range of colocation, managed colocation, and fully managed hosting solutions that meet your individual requirements.

Any business, no matter the size or type can leverage Pegmatech’s redundant, secure, and available managed IT services. Advanced Hosting is backed by our own ironclad infrastructure, IT professionals with deep expertise, and more than 30 years of collective experience. So, your back-up systems, networks, virtual servers, e-mail, web operations or security can all be managed in our highly available environment.

Advanced Hosting: What’s In It For You

  • Higher levels of security and reliability
  • Cost-effective access to pressure-tested processes, skills and infrastructure
  • More efficient use of in-house resources
  • Superior customer service

Pegmatech provides secure, reliable managed hosting services for thousands of customers in North America.

AdvancedHosting lets customers focus on optimizing and using technology. Our redundant and reliable infrastructure helps keep our customers’ networks, e-mail, applications, security, back-up systems, and web-based operations rock-solid and performing at the highest levels. We make it easy and economical to maintain, protect, and optimize your data and infrastructure for maximum security and efficiency.

Cut costs. Leverage our skills and investments in infrastructure. Use AdvancedHosting and say goodbye to expenditures for constantly evolving hardware, software and networking gear. And, as your business grows, you don’t need to worry about enhancing your team’s IT skills on the fly. You can rely on our staff of experts with the latest training available to you 24/7.
Advanced Hosting delivers precisely the mix of services you need for a secure, redundant IT environment to support business-critical systems and applications.

Pegmatech Availability Services can also provide an optional layer of protection through recovery or restoration services – something our competitors can’t.

Based on your disaster recovery and testing needs, Advanced Hosting can manage, monitor, and implement the Network Services, Storage Services or Replication Services that can help meet your Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives.