Enterprise Cloud Services

Reduce IT costs and increase efficiency with enterprise cloud services offering on-demand, virtualized infrastructure with security and built-in recovery capability.

Cloud computing can meet the demand for improved IT efficiency — higher availability and lower costs.

Cloud internetPegmatech’s Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Services offer a practical solution — a virtualized private cloud taking full advantage of dynamic scaling and cost benefits — without increasing risk. Our services offer enterprise-grade managed hosting, including on-demand and virtualized infrastructure, with multiple layers of data protection for application availability and recovery. Combined with our industry leading Managed Services support and best practices, Pegmatech Availability Services offers a pragmatic path to IT agility and transformation.


  • Reduced TCO by avoiding capital expenses for IT infrastructure and shifting to an OPEX model
  • Increased ROI with utility billing, paying only for capacity needed and services used
  • Reduced business risk with a fully managed, highly available platform with enterprise SLAs
  • IT simplification allowing limited staff to support strategic business initiatives
  • Faster time-to-market leveraging virtualization for development and testing

Pegmatech’s advanced infrastructure and expertise offer a practical solution for cloud-computing risks.

Pegmatech Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Service can be the foundation for your production, testing, and development platform needs. This platform provides virtualized compute, storage, and networking in a utility model to help simplify IT infrastructure management and reduce cost.

This service features:

  • Industry-leading technology from Cisco™, EMC® and VMware® in a highly available and resilient virtual platform
  • Support for all major operating systems, including Windows® and RedHat® Enterprise Linux
  • Virtualized firewalls and load balancing with built-in redundancy
  • Managed security for intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS and IPS), and secure connectivity
  • Integrated recovery with frequent backups and rapid restoration
  • Simple web console for infrastructure (compute, storage, networking) management and monitoring
  • Fully managed enterprise cloud platform and virtual infrastructure within Pegmatech’s certified Managed Services facilities
  • Consulting services for readiness assessment, strategy, and migration

Enterprise Cloud

How Pegmatech Deliver Connectivity

  1. Industry – leading Vblock technology provides reliable cloud computing platform
  2. Backup & recovery are automated using redundant virtual machines and failover to a second data center.
  3. Convenient web based interface provides remote access to fully managed services with 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

How Pegmatech Deliver Security

  1. Dedicated virtual servers with redundant firewall for data Integrity and security are monitored 24/7 within secured data cnters meeting HP sitescope standards
  2. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) prevents unauthorized access via the Internet

How Pegmatech Deliver Flexibility

  1. Access to on demand capacity and load balancing allows the flexibility to scale up or down dynamically to meet changing needs for computing, storage and network resources

How Pegmatech Deliver ROI and Cost Efficiences

  1. Utility billing – paying only for computing power and tiered storage used avoids capital expenditures and improve return on investment (ROI).
  2. Virtualized multi-tenant environment provides efficient access to infrastructure, applications and data.