Enterprise Managed Services

Are you looking to complement your IT organization’s skills?  Reduce capital expenses on infrastructure? Efficiently scale your production environment to fit the pace of your business?

Turn over all or any part of your IT management duties and worries to our Enterprise Managed Services team. Take that one step and you can get on with leading your total IT effort and responding to the real-time, on-demand world of business. 

We’re serious.  Answer the questions below.  If your responses are less than positive, you may not be achieving your objectives.
datacenter server room

  1. Do you have the redundancy to ensure uninterrupted access to critical systems and information?
  2. Can you rely on deep expertise and responsiveness from a team of hosting experts, at affordable cost?
  3. Can you drive up performance, reliability and scalability while keeping your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) under control?
  4. Does your managed hosting provider offer the industry’s leading, platform-independent infrastructure with SLA-supported 100% availability of power and environment?

Worry less that your essential data and on-demand applications—the digital lifelines of your business—are always there. With Pegmatech Availability Services, you’ll find the most complete suite of hosting services in the marketplace. Whether you hand off a single server, or all of your hosting operations, you get optimal security, redundancy, flexibility and rapid, cost-effective expansion as IT requirements grow.

What’s in it for you?  More IT controls. Less complexity. Lower costs.

  1. Offload hosting worries. Get turnkey access to the very best technology, personnel and facilities. Know that Pegmatech experts monitor, maintain, and optimize every aspect of your hosted environment. We do it all for you.
  2. Never worry about downtime. Pegmatech Managed Services data centers are guaranteed to be available 100% of the time, including the facility itself, power, air conditioning, and security.
  3. Help ensure data security. Host in facilities with fully redundant systems and resources. The most demanding IT customers, including the world’s largest financial institutions, rely on them. And now you can have yet another level of security around your critical information with Restoration Services for Managed IT Services.
  4. Control costs. There’s no need to build a hosting infrastructure from scratch and invest in maintenance. Take advantage of a firm level of performance at a firm price — with no surprises.

Pegmatech makes it easy and economical to handle your hosting needs with the ideal infrastructure and exactly the right level of support. Pegmatech’s Enterprise Managed Services include expert-provisioned operational Application Services.

Here’s reality: There’s no alternative to total reliability when it comes to business-critical applications. For maximum performance, you can only accept complete availability — providing your end-users with a smooth, trouble-free experience. If you’re not at that level, you worry.

Here’s how good reality can be: There’s an application management service that provides maximum service. That ensures your applications are deployed correctly the first time. That provides proactive monitoring and maintenance. And that provides immediate operational support when problems occur. Use it, and you’ll worry a lot less.

Pegmatech brings you more expertise. More cost-effective solutions. More ways to obtain optimum performance to help assure uptime. 

  1. Managed Database Services, including Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases
  2. Managed SAP Services
  3. Managed Oracle E-Business Suite Services
  4. Managed Citrix Services
  5. Software Licensing Services

Real benefits. Right now and ongoing.

  1. Keep applications, operations and end-users at peak performance
  2. Improve data access and integrity for end-users
  3. Boost productivity and minimize costs
  4. Allow your staff to focus on functional support and business-critical tasks
  5. Meet compliance requirements with superior security, back-up, and archiving capabilities

Pegmatech’s Managed Services Portal provides 24/7 access to important data such as infrastructure performance, problem and change activity, account information and more.